Welcome to Virginia's Albemarle DAR Chapter Calendar

Upcoming events are listed below, as well as our ongoing annual and national events. This calendar is updated as new events are added - and past events are included so you can see  our chapter activities. We hope you can join us!

1-Jan New Year's Day - Fly Your Flag   National
4-Jan Chapter Luncheon/Meeting
with Sue Friedman on
Living with Memory Loss
  Charlottesville, VA
15-Jan Martin Luther King's Birthday -
Fly Your Flag
20-Jan Inauguration Day - Fly Your Flag   National
1-Feb Chapter Luncheon Meeting
WEAR RED for Heart Month
  Charlottesville, VA
9-Feb Naturalization Ceremony  Federal Courthouse Charlottesville, VA
12-Feb Abraham Lincoln's Birthday -
Fly Your Flag
17-Feb Happy 126th Birthday to Albemarle Chapter    
19-Feb President's Day - Fly Your Flag   National
22-Feb George Washington's Birthday - Fly Your Flag   National
1-Mar Chapter Luncheon Meeting
Sarah McCartney on Revolutionary Women
  Charlottesville, VA
16-Mar Naturalization Ceremony  Federal Courthouse Charlottesville, VA
16-Mar Wreath Laying to Honor
James Madison's Birthday
267th Birthday Celebration
Montpelier Montpelier Station, VA
16-18 March 122st Virginia State Conference Richmond Marriott Richmond, VA
24-Mar State Regent's Project Luncheon with Andrew Brunk on Market Trends for Antiques and Art Hotel Roanoke Roanoke, VA
31-Mar Naturalization Ceremony  Federal Courthouse Charlottesville, VA
1-Apr Easter - Fly Your Flag   Charlottesville, VA
5-Apr Chapter Luncheon Meeting
Special Presentation by Linda Davies and Rebecca Rogers
  Charlottesville, VA
13-Apr Wreath Laying to Honor
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
275th Birthday Celebration
Monticello Charlottesville, VA
13-Apr Spring Evening Dinner/Meeting   Charlottesville, VA
16-Apr Easter - Fly Your Flag   National
18-Apr Chapter Evening Meeting
Deborah Hawkins on Navy Nurses from Vietnam to Gulf War
12-May Naturalization Ceremony  Federal Courthouse Charlottesville, VA
13-May Mother's Day - Fly Your Flag   National
20-May Armed Forces Day - Fly Your Flag   National
28-May Memorial Day - Fly Your Flag at Half Staff until Noon   National
9-Jun Naturalization Ceremony  Federal Courthouse Charlottesville, VA
14-Jun Flag Day - Fly Your Flag
Flag Retirement Ceremony
20-24 June 127th NSDAR Continental Congress   Washington, D.C.
21-Jun Virginia DAR Luncheon Ronald Reagan Building Washington, D.C.
  Continental Congress Bus Tour to Washington, D.C.   Wytheville, Roanoke, Staunton, Richmond
1-Jul National DAR School Luncheon Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington, D.C.
4-Jul Independence Day - Fly Your Flag   National
4-Jul Independence Day Parade
March with National DAR
Constitution Avenue Washington, D.C.
4-Jul Naturalization Ceremony  Monticello Charlottesville, VA
5-Jul Naturalization Day (added) Federal Courthouse Charlottesville, VA
28-Jul Annual District VI Meeting
61st Anniversary of District VI
  Harrisonburg, VA
3-Sep Labor Day - Fly Your Flag   National
6-Sep Chapter Luncheon Meeting   Charlottesville, VA
7-8 Sept Virginia DAR Fall Forum
with Denise Van Buren
Hilton Richmond Short Pump Richmond, VA
11-Sep Patriot Day -
Fly Your Flag at Half Staff
17-Sep Constitution Day - Fly Your Flag   National
4-Oct Chapter Luncheon Meeting   Charlottesville, VA
8-Oct NSDAR National Day of Prayer   National
9-Oct Columbus Day - Fly Your Flag   National
9-10 Oct Bus Trip to
Hindeman Settlement School
  Hindeman, KY
11-Oct National DAR Day of Service   National
19-Oct Yorktown Day Main Street Yorktown, VA
3-Nov 1st State Regent's Project Gala   Lynchburg, VA
11-Nov Veterans Day - Fly Your Flag   National
22-Nov Thanksgiving - Fly Your Flag   National
5-Dec 17 th Annual DAR Christmas
Open House
DAR Memorial
Continental Hall
Washington, D.C.
15-Dec Bill of Rights 229th Anniversary   National
25-Dec Christmas Day - Fly Your Flag   National
14-17 March Virginia DAR State Conference Richmond Marriott Richmond, VA

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For national events, please see National DAR Calendar.



Constitution Week - The tradition of celebrating the Constitution was started many years ago by the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1955, the DAR petitioned Congress to set aside September 17-23 annually to be dedicated for the observance of Constitution Week. The resolution was later adopted by the U.S. Congress and signed into Public Law #915 on August 2, 1956, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Flag Day - President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14th as Flag Day. Later, President Harry Truman signed a congressional order on August 3, 1949 establishing National Flag Day.

Yorktown Day - The modern day observance traces its roots to 1922, when the Daughters of the American Revolution began an annual wreath-laying ceremony, which set the tradition upon which the current Yorktown Day is based. Today, the Yorktown Day Association, comprised of 13 civic, patriotic and government organizations, coordinates the traditional commemorative events.

Naturalization Ceremony - After an Application for Naturalization has been approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an immigrant is invited to take an Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony to complete the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Chapter Meeting/Luncheon - Our meetings typically include socializing, a business meeting, a luncheon, and a special program.

National DAR Day of Service - DAR chapters from coast-to-coast complete service projects within their local communities on our founding anniversary: October 11,1890.

Bill of Rights Ratification - On December 15, 1791, Virginia became the 10th state to ratify the 12 constitutional amendments designed to protect basic rights of US citizens, known as "The Bill of Rights." These include guaranteeing the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and exercise of religion; the right to fair legal procedure and to bear arms; and that powers not delegated to the federal government would be reserved for the states and the people.



DAR Provides Citizenship Resources

From as early as 1910 DAR has helped immigrants from other countries become American citizens. In addition to providing the free DAR Manual for Citizenship online, Albemarle Chapter joins many other DAR chapters across the country to particpate in monthly naturalization ceremonies.

DAR Celebrates Spirit of America

The beautifully designed, award-winning AMERICAN SPIRIT magazine shares the National Society’s love of American history, preservation and genealogy with readers around the world. Each issue celebrates our uniquely American story through a selection of historical subjects from the colonial period through the early decades of the new republic. American Spirit’s combination of compelling, informative feature articles and recurring departments devoted to Revolutionary patriots, historic homes, heritage travel, the DAR Museum collection and more is designed to appeal to the diverse interests of our 45,000-plus subscribers.


 Toiletry Kits for Veterans

Albemarle Chapter members assemble toiletry kits to distribute to veterans throughout the year. Please EMAIL US if you'd like to join our chapter and participate in this and other service projects.

Chapter Lays Wreath at Montpelier

On March 16th each year, Albemarle Chapter participates in the wreath-laying ceremony at James Madison's grave site at his home Montpelier in Orange, Virginia. Mr. Madison was the father of the Constitution, architect of the Bill of Rights, and fourth President of the United States, and his wife Dolley Madison was the first "First Lady" of America.

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