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Albemarle Chapter in Albemarle County, Virginia, has more than 100 members and associate members. We are always excited to welcome new members. Please see our  MEMBERSHIP page for additional information. Our members volunteer hundreds of hours every year in support of schools, scholarships, preservation of historic places and markers, veterans, and a variety of other activities, events and people. Our service also supports the national DAR motto, "God, Home, and Country."

Each meeting of the Albemarle Chapter includes social time, devotions, patriotic exercises, the President General's message, and a national defense message. Certain areas of business for the chapter are conducted by the officers followed by an informational program and lunch or dinner.

In addition to our meetings, the chapter celebrates annually: Constitution Week, Yorktown Day, Mr. Thomas Jefferson's Birthday, Flag Day, and July 4th naturalization ceremonies at Monticello.

Each year, the four chapters in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area - Albemarle, Jack Jouett, Point of Fork, and Shadwell - have a combined meeting for a national defense program.

Albemarle Chapter also recognizes many students and community members annually with awards and scholarships.


Albemarle Chapter Officers 2019-2022

Regent - Nancy Bolton

Vice Regent #1  - Carroll White

Vice Regent #2 - Sandy Short

Chaplain - Carol Hoselton

Recording Secretary - Carolyn Altenderfer

Corresponding Secretary  -  Jane McCarty

Treasurer  - Sitta Schafer

Registrar  -  Tracy Aglio

Historian - Wendy Reynolds

Librarian - Millicent Reynolds


Albemarle Chapter History

Our Chapter’s Founders

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was founded on October 11, 1890. The Albemarle Chapter NSDAR was organized on February 19, 1892, by Mrs. F. Berger Moran (Jane Blackburn).


Albemarle Chapter is the second oldest in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mrs. Moran (see below) led our chapter in a fundraiser in October 1892, a colonial ball at Monticello. The proceeds from this ball were sent as a contribution to the building of Memorial Continental Hall in Washington D.C.  Mrs. Moran gave a pair of bronze doors for the building and the chapter made two special contributions for the Virginia column. A concert was given in 1893 to raise money for a contribution towards the Mount Vernon House, the Virginia building at the World's Fair in Chicago. The chapter also supported the Mary Washington Memorial Association.


Mrs. F. Berger Moran         
Mrs. F. Berger Moran (Jane Blackburn) was the organizing regent of Albemarle Chapter from August 1891 through October 1892. She was also an organizing and charter member of the National Society.


Mrs. Thomas Barton Lyons                
Mrs. Thomas Barton Lyons (Mary Norwood), regent of Albemarle Chapter 1900-1901 and 1906-1907. She served as State Regent 1902-1904.


Mrs. Mildred C. Brown
Mildred C. Brown, a member of the Albemarle Chapter from 1967 until her death in 1984, bequeathed the proceeds of her property, antiques, and entire estate to the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and to the Albemarle Chapter.


Mrs. Laura Poore Wood Bailey               
Mrs. Laura Poore Wood Bailey was a chapter regent of Albemarle Chapter. She was elected State Regent at the 57th State Conference in March 1953. Her photo and biography are included in the History of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution 1891-1987.


Mrs. Elizabeth Oglesby Haugh          
Elizabeth Oglesby Haugh, an honored and active member of Albemarle Chapter, served as First Vice President General, NSDAR 2001-2004, Recording Secretary General, NSDAR 1998-2001 and Vice President General, NSDAR 1989-1992. She is also an Honorary State Regent, Virginia DAR, a past national chairman of Resolutions, National Defense, Investment, Handbook, and Protocol Committees. She is currently advisor, National Defense Committee, NSDAR.


Mrs. Emily Tongue Richardson         
Emily Tongue Richardson, an esteemed and active member of the Albemarle Chapter, is the Continental Congress chairman; Executive Board Luncheon vice chairman; Chapter Achievement Award state chairman; and DAR Museum District VI chairman. She has held many national, state, district, and chapter offices.


Mrs. Rebecca Morgan Rogers
Rebecca (Becky) Rogers is a native Virginian who became State Regent in 2019. She has been an active member of Albemarle Chapter, serving in many local, state and national roles including as chapter regent, membership chair, and treasurer. At the state level she has been vice regent, recording secretary and chair of the national defense, membership and Virginia View committees. Nationally, she served on the Continental Congress House Committee for more than 12 years.


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We Host Monthly Chapter Meetings

Our monthly meetings typically include socializing, a business meeting, a luncheon, and a special program, held in the Charlottesville area. We occasionally host evening meetings, too. Please EMAIL US for more information. Also, you can check out our calendar for events and dates.


Our Chapter Was Founded in 1892

Albemarle Chapter DAR was founded in 1892 as part of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. We celebrated our 125th anniversary in February 2017 as the second oldest chapter in Virginia. Festivities included a tour of Monticello and a tea at the Jefferson Library (shown below), part of the International Center for Jefferson Studies in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our dynamic, non-profit, non-political women’s service organization is dedicated to patriotism, American history and education.


Our Chapter has Ties to Mr. Jefferson

Albemarle Chapter has felt close ties to Thomas Jefferson and his home Monticello. Several of our members were granddaughters of  Mr. Jefferson and in more recent years, his grandnieces. Mr. Jefferson was born and died in Virginia (1743-1826). He was the third President of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Every year since 1908 members of Albemarle Chapter have placed a wreath at Mr. Jefferson's grave. The chapter has also played a consistent role in the annual July 4th Naturalization Ceremonies at Monticello.



James Monroe Crossed the Delaware

When James Monroe was an 18-year-old Lieutenant, he crossed the Delaware River during General George Washington’s December 1776 campaign. In Emanuel Leutze’s iconic oil painting Washington Crossing the Delaware, the young man standing directly behind Washington, gripping the American flag, is Mr. Monroe. After leaving the army in 1779, he returned to Williamsburg, Virginia, and met Governor Thomas Jefferson, with whom he studied law and became lifelong friends. Mr. Monroe was the fifth President of the United States. His home, Highland (later named Ash Lawn) is adjacent to Jefferson’s Monticello.



The Madisons Were “First” Couple

James Madison was the Father of the Constitution, architect of the Bill of Rights, and the fourth President of the United States. He was born in Port Conway, Virginia, the eldest of 12 children and never left the U.S. His wife, Dolley Madison, served as the official presidential hostess for both her husband and Thomas Jefferson during their terms in office. The Madisons retired to their Montpelier country estate in Orange, Virginia, where Mr. Madison had spent his early years. At Montpelier, they frequently entertained, and jointly edited Mr. Madison’s extensive political papers until his death in 1836.



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