Tracing Back to Our Patriot Ancestors

Eligibility for membership in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution is through lineal, bloodline descent from a man or woman who aided in achieving American Independence through service to the nation such as:

    Signers of the Declaration of Independence

    Military Personnel (all branches)

    Civil and Patriotic Personnel

Below is a list of Revolutionary War ancestors of members of the Albemarle Chapter NSDAR. If you see any names you recognize in your direct ancestry, then you may be eligible to join the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.


DAR Ancestor Search Database

The ANCESTOR SEARCH DATABASE was created by and is maintained by the staff of the DAR Office of the Registrar General. The data is updated daily from verified membership applications and supplemental applications. The Ancestor Database is part of the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS), a free resource provided by the NATIONAL SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (DAR) to aid general genealogical research and to assist with the DAR membership process. This collection of databases provides access to the many materials amassed by the DAR since its founding in 1890.


Our Albemarle Chapter Patriots

James  Adams 1730 1809 PVT VA Ann Jordan Harper
David Agnew 1743 1797 ENS PA Mary Erwin
George Ailer 1764 1834 PS VA Mary Tanner
Valentine Allen 1730 1797 CAPT NC Nancy Ann Arnold
David Anderson 1745 1795 CAPT VA Amediah
David Apperson 1754 1778   VA Judith Maupin
William Armstrong 1763 1848 ENS PA Hannah Sennix Devecmon
William Arthur 1715 1783 PS VA Ann Murray
David Baird 1754 1839 CAPT NJ Rebekah Ely, Lydia Gaston, Mary Edwards
Henry Banta, Sr. 1718 1805 PS  PA Antie Demarest
William Barret 1754 1840 PVT NC Ann Sowell
William  Bayley          
William Bennett 1717 1815 CAPT SC Nancy Huckston
Jacob Berger 1760 1828 PVT PA Catherine
Jacob Berger, Sr. 1745 1837 PS VA Christina
Abraham Bird 1731 1820 CTY LT VA Rachel Ziegler
Henry Bishop 1757 1839 PVT VA Fanny Simpkins
Brightberry Brown 1762 1846 SGT MJR VA Susan Thompson
James  Brown          
James  Bruff 1734 1815 CAPT MD Henrietta
Pouncey Bunch 1750 1809 PS VA Elizabeth Bunch
Alexander Campbell 1761 1861 SOL NC Mary Lockhart
Robert Chandler 1720 1805 PS VA Parthenia Bailey
Benjamin Chase 1737 1826 CPL RI Elizabeth Durfee, Mehitable Thurston
William  Chowning 1742 1821 CAPT VA Tomazin Sharpe
John Clard 1720 1786 PA VA Ann Paulet
Isaac Clark 1754 1800 SOL VA Edith French
Harwood Clary       VA     
Green Clay 1757 1826 GEN KY Sally Lewis
Isham Clement 1735 1802 PS VA Sarah Scott
John Combs 1735 1819 SOL VA Nancy Harding
Benjamin Drake 1746 1810 PVT NJ Sarah Wood
Eliphalet Dyer 1721 1807 PS CT Huldah Bowen
Henry Edison, Sr. 1750 1819 ENS LT VA Catherine Hanger
William Emerson 1743 1776 Chp. MA Phoebe Bliss
William Estes 1745 1828 PS VA Frances
John Floyd 1758 1836 LT NC VA SC Nancy Andrews
Hugh Foster 1746 1816 SGT PA Elizabeth McCullough
Gabriel Fowlkes 1725 1793 L COL VA Ursula
Matthew French 1737 1814 PVT VA Sarah Payne
Abraham Fulkerson 1740 1821 PVT VA, NJ Sarah Gibson
William Gleaves 1740 1820 LCS  PS VA Elizabeth Robertson
Joseph Gooch 1732 1790 SOL NC Jane Dudley
John Goode 1750 1840 PVT VA Judith Fuqua
Peterson  Goodwyn 1745 1818 COL VA Elizaabeth Peterson
Churchill Gordon 1761 1802 MID VA Ann Sparks
Abel Gower 1757 1841 PVT NC Elizabeth Maclin
Josiah Grant 1754 1782 PVT NJ Mary Letts
Joseph Griffin 1763 1850 PVT SC Emily Burns,  Jane Smith,  Nancy Black
John Mosley  Haded 1750 1820     Mary Hopkins
Joseph Haden 1740 1820 CAPT VA Mary Peatress
Joseph Haden 1740 1820 CAPT VA Mary T. Peatross
Joshua Hadley 1743 1815 PS NC Ruth Lindley
John Hall 1740 1802 PS VA Elizabeth
Peter Hanger 1729 1802 PVT VA Hannah Gobbert
Peter  Hanger, Jr. 1761 1828 PVT VA Catherine Link
William  Harbin 1739 1820 SOL GA  Sarah
John Hardeman 1725 1796 PS VA Elizabeth
Uriah Hardeman 1757 1800 PS VA Francis Chandler
Johannes  Hardenbergh 1705 1786 COL NY Maria DuBois
Uriah Hardman 1752 1800 PS VA Frances Chandler
Benjamin Harris 1754 1834 CAPT VA Mary Woods
William Hatchett, Jr 1692 1784 PA VA Margaret Neal
Thomas Heath 1750 1821 1st LT CT Martha Gilbert
William  Henley 1725 1792 PS VA Mary Osborne
Richard Lee Henry 1732 1794 SIGNER VA Anne Pinckard
John Herndon 1741 1805 PA VA Sarah Chapmen Mountjoy
Joseph Herndon 1743 1840 PA VA  
Henry  Hilleary 1726 1783 LT MD Cassandra Magruder
Levi Holden 1754 1823 CAPT MA Hannah Plympton
Louis Holladay 1757 1820 LT VA Elizabeth Littlepage
James  Holmes 1748 1826 3rd LT PA Nancy Whittaker
George  Horn 1756 1827 PS VA Margaret Milhoff
Jonathan Hosmer, Jr. 1734 1822 SGT MA Hunt
Samual Howland 1744 1797 CORP MA Lydia Palmer
Moza  Hurt 1728 1793 PS VA Phebe Mann
Agnes Hurt 1762 1819 PA VA James Hurt
Cornelius Ironmonger          
Lewis  Jackson 1743 1795 OA VA Frances Richardson
William Jennings 1726 1793 PA VA Agnes Dickerson
Dickerson Jennings 1750 1833 CS VA Frances Bagley
Ezekiel Johnston 1740 1781   VA Eve Pensinger
Enos Jones 1745 1805 PS VA Sarsh Mowry
Elijah Joyce 1752 1804 PVT NC Elizabeth Allen
William Kellam 1755 1834 PS NC  
John Kern 1755 1815 PVT PA Mary Nicely
Joshua Knapp 1716 1788 PS CT Hannah Taylor, Abigail B. Dibble
Henry Knight 1738 1807 PS VA Elizabeth Miller
Stephen Knowlton, Jr 1753 1830 PVT CT Diodema Chubb
George Adam Koiner 1753 1820 PVT PA Barbara Smith
William Lewis 1735 1781 LT VA Lucy Meriwether
Matthias Link 1737 1815 PS VA Anna Maria Schmidt
Andrew Love 1747 1821 COL SC Anna Latimore
William Lowe 1756 1835 PVT KY Margaret Fair
William         Lynch, Sr.        VA                 
David Lyon 1740 1787 CAPT NY Freelove Forman
Robert Mann 1732 1780 PVT VA Phebe Mann
Phebe Mann 1734 1795 PA VA Robert Mann
Joseph Martin 1740 1808 L COL VA Sarah Lucas, Susannah Graves
David Maupin 1760 1821 SOL VA Sarah Spencer
John  Maxwell 1763 1840 SOL VA Agatha Agnes Henry
Angus McCurry, Sr. 1755 1840 PVT NC Katherine McDougal
William  McGehee 1740 1806 LT VA ? Forrest, Sarah Walker
John McMullen 1740 1798 PVT VA Theodosia Beazley
Alexander McNall 1720 1781 SOL CT Elizabeth, Mary, Annie Moore
John McNary 1738 1802 PVT PA Esther Boyle
Robert Means 1757 1822 PS NC Elizabeth Robertson
William  Means 1757 1824/1826 SOL NC Susan Joyce
Thomas Miles 1747 1827 SGT MD Polly Pound,  Elizabeth Treadway
John  Mills 1760 1800 PS VA Frances Hall
James  Morgan, Jr. 1755 1830 PVT VA Nancy Ann Forrest
Elnathan Munger 1714 1777 PVT MA Deborah Thompson
Christian Nevis 1759 1815 PVT NJ Lucretia Chamberlin
Samuel North 1751 1820 PVT NY Elizabeth Avery
William Oglesby 1726 1802 PS VA Ann Perkins
Richard Omohundro 1733 1811 ENS VA Elizabeth Muse
Reps Osborne 1723 1808 PA  VA  
Silas Peck 1724 1808 PVT CT Elizabeth Caulkins
John Perkinson 1745 1821 PS VA Sarah
Sylvester Phillipps 1758 1841 PVT MA Rachel Chilson
Richard Phillips 1732 1793 PS VA Lucy Talbot
Benjamin Phipps 1761 1838 PVT VA Jean Hash
John Pittman 1726 1785 MATR SC Polly Row
James  Pittman 1756 1850 LT GA Martha Taylor
Robert  Porter 1740 1781 SOL VA Margaret Ewing
Ebbin  Porter 1748 1800 PVT VA Hannah
Jacob Prillaman, Sr. 1721 1796 PS VA Waltpurgilly Helm
William Prince 1735 1805 LT CT Mary Prince
Richard Rankin 1730 1792 PS VA Mary Douglas
James  Rankin 1762 1826 SOL PS VA Mary Kerr
Joshua Reed 1757 1838 PVT VA Joanna/Hannah McClelland
William Richardson 1731 1814 PVT MA Ester Joslin
George Rinker 1752 1835 LT VA Catherine, Mary M. Surber
Francis Roberts 1733 1788 PA  VA Martha Hatchett
Nathaniel Robertson 1722 1794 PA VA Elizabeth
John  Rogers 1750 1795 SOL GA Nancy
Joseph Rowe, Jr. 1744 1784 LT NY Lydia Palmer
Thomas Rowe, Jr. 1754 1840 PVT VA Rachel Keeling
William Ryals 1748 1828 PVT NC Edith Childs
Charles Sargent 1760 1833 PVT NJ Sarah Green
William  Sayers 1728 1781 CS VA Esther T. Crockett, Elizabeth Drake
John Sayers 1758 1816 LT PS VA Susan Crockett
Euclidus Scarborough 1714 1808 PVT MD Mary Dean
James  Scott 1736 1817 SOL VA Rachel Holmes
Ephraim Seamans 1748 1836 PVT VA Frances Johnson
Austin Seaym, Sr. 1759 1836 SGT VA Elizabeth Weaver
Noadiah Seward 1742 1825 PVT MA Sarah Swain
Adam Shaffer 1746 1812 PVT PA Anna Elizabeth Leidner
Casper  Silling   1825 PS VA  
Elijah Simmons       NC  
Benjamin Simmons       NC  
Drury Smith 1740 1822 PS MC Eleanor Smith, Betsy Vaughn
William Smith 1719 1792 PS VA Ann Bowker
Peter  Spangler, Sr. 1714 1796 SOL VA Margaret
Stephen Spelman 1745 1800 SGT MA Deborah Rose
Thomas Stapler 1740 1826 SOL GA Ruth Story
Thomas  Stout 1751 1837 SPY VA Margaret Phillips, Mary Stewart
Jacob Strickland 1714 1790 PS NC Elizabeth
Henry  Strickland 1769 1796 PS NC Mary Hickman
Samuel Sturgeon 1741 1801 PVT PA Margaret Rogers
James  Taylor 1731 1815 PS VA Ann Owen
William Taylor 1732 1820 PS VA Martha Waller
Phillip Taylor 1765 1856 SOL VA Elizabeth Poor
Tobias Tillman 1751 1845 PVT NC Catherine Sharp
Solomon Titus 1757 1833 PVT NJ Susannah Read
Thomas Tongue 1746 1826 LT MD Elizabeth Roberts
Thomas Truk, Sr. 1710 1809 PS VA Mary Grove, Mary Woolman
David Tucker 1734 1814 PVT VA Athaliah Hunt
George Tucker 1740 1805 PS NC Maria
Major Tyler 1754 1833 SGT NY Hannah Brown
William Waite 1730 1826 PVT NY Mary Nichols
John Walker, Jr.          
Benjamin Waller 1716 1786 CS VA Martha Hall
Solomon Washburn 1734 1816 ENS CT Mary Warner
Nathan  Washburn 1758 1837 DRM CT Annah Ellithorpe
Jesse Webb 1766 1848 PVT NC Anna McMurtry
David Weir 1750 1796 PVT SC Jean McClurkin
Isaac Wheeler, Jr. 1746 1831 LT CT Ruth Swan
Jesse White 1762 1850 PVT SC Elizabeth Wells
Minor Wilkes Jr. 1761 1812 SOL VA Phoebe White
John Wingfield 1742 1814 PS VA Robina Langford
William Overton Winston 1747 1815 CAPT VA Joanna Robinson, Anne Klidley
Henry Wood 1757 1814 CAPT NJ Hannah Eldridge
    1757 1790 SOL NC Sarah Spain
NOTE: We have made every effort for accuracy on this list; however, it may contain errors and is not exhaustive. Please refer to the DAR Ancestor Search database linked above for the most accurate information.


If you are interested in learning more about Albemarle Chapter's ancestors, please EMAIL our registrar.


Another source of information about American ancestors and graves:

National Society, Sons of the American Revolution



The Genealogical Research System (GRS) is the DAR online genealogical portal that has been ranked as a top genealogy website by Family Tree Magazine. The GRS comprises collections of cross-linked databases that DAR has made available online, including the DAR Ancestor Database, Member Database, Descendants Database, DAR Library Catalog, DAR Genealogical Records Committee database and others.  The databases are arranged on separate tabs to make navigation easier. Information in the first three databases is derived from approved DAR member-related applications. 


Virginia DAR Has 130 Chapters

Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a state chapter of the national DAR organization. It has 130 active chapters in seven districts, with more than 9,000 members throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia Daughters serve as chairmen for thirty-seven national committees and commissions, and twenty-five state committees. The DAR is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history and securing America's future through better education.


All DAR Insignia on this website is the property of, and is copyrighted by, the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.


Children of the American Revolution

There is a separate organization for children called the National Society Children of the American Revolution, founded in 1895. It is the oldest patriotic youth organization in the United States. Membership is open to descendants of patriots of the American Revolution. Members gain leadership experience in conducting meetings, following parliamentary procedures and standard protocol, serving as delegates and speaking before groups at local, state, and national conferences.




Sons of the American Revolution

There is a separate organization for men called Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). It is a historical, educational, and patriotic non-profit male lineage society that perpetuates the ideals of the war for independence -  patriotism, respect for our national symbols, the value of American citizenship, and the unifying force of "e pluribus unum" -- one nation and one people.



The American Flag was Adopted in 1777

The 50 stars on the American flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America. The 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, becoming the first states in the Union - including Virginia. Nicknames for the flag include the "Stars and Stripes," "Old Glory," "The Red, White and Blue," and "The Star-Spangled Banner."

DAR publishes an informational Flag Code leaflet that describes the use and display of the American flag. DAR chapter members distribute American flags to new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, and provide Braille Flags to schools and institutions for the blind.




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